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Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances

Free on-demand webinar

Recording of live webinar from 30 September 2021

Duration: 35 minutes

Learn about how to take action against climate change with Borealis circular economy solutions

This webinar provides you the tools to pursue better environmental and economic outcomes while continuing to harness plastic’s many benefits.

Learn how you can ensure the circularity of plastics through:

  • Advanced Mechanical Recycling
  • Chemical Recycling
  • Renewable Feedstock

Plastic use has increased twenty-fold in the past 50 years due to its excellent properties and benefits, such as functionality, durability and versatility. But since becoming indispensable in appliances, approximately 1Mt of plastic waste is now generated every year.

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Register for free and talk directly with our speakers:


Gisela Lehner

Senior Application Marketing Manager for Appliances
  • Over 10 years’ experience in Polyolefins in the area of automotive; new business development and appliances
  • Leading a wide range of project in the area of design for recycling, mechanical recycling and renewable PP for various appliance applications
  • Idealist & believer in sustainable solutions for plastics


Stephan Roest

Circular Economy Platform Leader
  • More than 12 years of experience in circular- and biobased economy
  • Overseeing projects on renewable polyolefins and chemical recycling which enable Borealis to offer virgin-like circular solutions, suitable for demanding applications (e.g. food contact & performance grades)


Eelco Smit

Sustainability leader of Philips Domestic Appliances
  • Responsible for the overall sustainability performance of the company
  • In recent years he has actively worked on the implementation of the Circular Economy and Ecodesign programs with a specific focus on business model innovation, Circular product design and increasing the use of recycled plastics
  • Representing Philips Domestic Appliance at several Industry Associations where he is actively involved in discussions on the Circular Economy and waste legislation

Borealis EverMinds™

Launched in 2018, EverMinds™ is an umbrella brand uniting the wide range of Borealis activities and initiatives aimed at making plastics more circular. As a dedicated platform, EverMinds promotes a circular mind-set among all Borealis stakeholders. The platform encompasses proprietary Borealis technologies as well as established brands such as Purpolen™ and Dipolen™. It facilitates deeper collaboration between Borealis and its partners in order to develop innovative and sustainable polyolefins solutions based on the circular model of recycling, re-use and design for circularity. EverMinds also extends to pioneering corporate programmes such as Project STOP, and engagement in industry initiatives like the the Polyolefins Circular Economy Platform (PCEP), and our project “Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging”.