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Sustainable solutions for Healthcare applications

Free on-demand webinar

Recording of live webinar from 8 October 2020

Duration: 45 minutes

Looking for more sustainable polyolefin solutions for your Healthcare applications?


  • Europe is moving towards climate neutral economy and the Healthcare sector is considering to contribute its share in the transition phase.
  • Reduction of GWP and carbon footprint is becoming high on the agenda for pharma companies and CDMOs in order to meet companies’ sustainability pledges and to help reach the 2030 European targets.
  • A more sustainable polypropylene and polyethylene solution is possible with the same product quality, specification and regulatory compliance.
Are you looking to improve the carbon footprint of your Healthcare product portfolio? Is your company striving to underpin your mission and promises to provide safeguarded quality of care that patients need while contributing to the European climate neutral economy targets?

Join this webinar to learn…

  • how you can help reduce CO2 emissions with more sustainable polyolefins for your Healthcare application

  • the difference between mechanical vs. chemical recycling and renewable feedstock and which one could offer a solution for your specific line of products
  • how you can make credible sustainability claims for your products without lengthy and resource consuming re-approvals

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Your Borealis speakers:

Craig Halgreen

Director Sustainability & Public Affairs
  • Responsible to advance Borealis’ Sustainability and Public Affairs agenda with particular focus on addressing social and environmental challenges and progressing the Plastics Circular Economy
  • Leads Borealis’ engagement in Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Niya Petzold

Application Marketing Manager – Healthcare
  • More than 8 years of industry experience in various application areas based upon her marketing qualifications
  • Since 2015 healthcare marketing responsible for business development as well as establishing partnerships in Europe and the Asia Pacific region through close contact to OEMs, customers and value chain players

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