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Free Borealis webinars on various industry topics

Appliances webinars

Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances and take action against climate change

Recording from September 2021
Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances and learn how you can ensure the circularity of plastics through advanced mechanical recycling, chemical recycling and renewable feedstock.

Automotive webinars

Learn how Bornewables™ solutions can help you reaching your CO2 emission reduction targets

Recording from July 2021
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how renewable-based polyolefins can help you in taking action against climate change
  • the supply chain behind renewables feedstock Polyolefins
  • the environmental benefits of Bornewables based PP compounds
  • why Bornewables are an efficient tool to meet CO2 reduction targets in Automotive
  • the practical steps to ensure traceabilty throughout the value chain

Ultra-lightweight PP Automotive applications

Recording from October 2020
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how to reduce vehicle weight with ulra-lightweight foam solutions without compromising quality and safety
  • how your company can contribute to more sustainable mobility

Consumer Products webinars

Meet your sustainability goals for flexible packaging with high quality mechanical recyclates

Recording from October 2021
In this webinar you will learn…
  • about the various types of waste feedstocks and recyclates
  • about the benefits of post-consumer recyclates (PCR)
  • how selected virgin resin can enable and maximise the use of PCR for high demanding flexible application
  • how Borealis PCR and virgin solutions fulfil requirements of primary, secondary and tertiary flexible packaging
  • how value chain partners managed to improve the sustainability of existing packaging by introducing high PCR content (case study and testimonials)

Advancing mechanical recycling in rigid packaging with Borcycle™ M

Recording from September 2021
In this webinar you will learn…
  • about the challenges and opportunities related to mechanical recycling in rigid packaging
  • about the differentiating elements of Borcycle M advanced mechanical recycling
  • how Borcycle™ M portfolio helps you achieve circularity in demanding applications where food contact is not required
  • how consumers value and perceive mechanical recycling and how you can address their expectations towards sustainability

Consumer Sustainability Pull – your options for a pro-active approach for food packaging

Recording from June 2021
In this webinar you will learn…
  • about consumer choices and willingness to value sustainable packaging solutions,
  • how the mass-balance approach helps the value chain to accelerate sustainability,
  • about the latest regulatory developments for food packaging in Europe,
  • about Renewable & Chemical Recycling solutions to help you addressing global challenges whilst supporting your sustainability KPIs,
  • last, but not least – how to do better for the planet.

Meet your sustainability goals with the Bornewables™

Recording from November 2020
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how renewable-based PO helps you in taking action against climate change
  • how this portfolio enables you to make an immediate or future switch to achieve your targets of carbon reduction
  • how this portfolio helps you achieve circularity in high-performing PO qualities for demanding applications

PP flexible recycling – a valuable feedstock stream to be established

Recording from November 2020
Focus of the webinar will be the debunking of 3 myths around PP flexible packaging:
  • Myth 1: PP flexible packaging stream is not sizeable
  • Myth 2: PP recyclate from flexible packaging does not find valuable end applications
  • Myth 3: PP cannot be designed as mono material

Energy webinars

Laser printable black jacketing for fibre optic cables

Recording from March 2021
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how Borstar® HE6069 combines best-in-class extra low shrink properties with perfect laser printability
  • why laser printing is trending
  • about the required properties of laser printable jackets and the recommended printing parameters for different laser systems

Discover the future of energy distribution

Recording from October 2020
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how XLPE insulation can help future-proofing the reliability and affordability of distribution network
  • how HDPE jacketing is the key enabler of cheaper, faster and easier cable undergrounding
  • how XLPE/HDPE cables are sustainable and designed for recycling

Healthcare webinars

Bormed™ TechDay – Part 1:

For your healthcare product development

Recording from June 2021
Part 1 of this technical forum helps medical and diagnostic device solution providers and pharma OEMs in the early phases of their product development.
  • Introduction to Borealis and Bormed™
  • Sustainable solutions for healthcare
  • Guest speaker Inovigate on Life science and healthcare ecosystems

Bormed™ TechDay – Part 2:

For your data driven healthcare product development

Recording from June 2021
Part 2 of the Bormed™ TechDay is for design and development engineers who want to get access to polyolefins advanced technical data and analysis reports and learn how these can support you in the design phase of a healthcare application.

Sustainable solutions for Healthcare applications

Recording from October 2020
In this webinar you will learn…
  • how you can reduce CO2 emissions with more sustainable PO for your Healthcare application
  • the difference between mechanical vs. chemical recycling and renewable feedstock and which one could offer a solution for your line of products
  • how you can make credible sustainability claims for your products without lengthy and resource consuming re-approvals

Pipes & fittings webinars

High quality PE100-RC for future water and gas pipe networks

Recording from August 2021
This webinar, with focus on South America, is for pipe & fitting manufacturers, utilities, installers, test labs and technical pipeline designers who want to:
  • discover the advantages of polyethylene pressure pipe systems
  • receive updates on new pipe material developments and market trends
  • learn how PE100-RC has gained EN and ISO system standards, including four new test methods

PE100-RC in the future EN and ISO PE pressure pipe standards

Recording from November 2020
In this webinar you will learn about…
  • the integration of PE100-RC into the main application standards EN1555 for gas and EN12201 for water application
  • the four new test methods for PE100-RC

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