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Free on-demand webinars

Re-inventing for more sustainable living with Borealis circular polyolefin solutions

Watch the recordings of our live webinars on packaging and appliances

You are invited to discover the latest innovations in the world of polyolefin materials for packaging and appliances.

Our series of webinars will guide you through our unique portfolio of circular polyolefin solutions, such as:
  • Circular polyolefin products manufactured with renewable feedstock
  • Chemically recycled solutions for high-purity, high-performance materials
  • Advanced mechanical recycling for non-food rigid and flexible packaging
  • Rigid and flexible mono-material solutions for improved recyclability
Join us in re-inventing for more sustainable living.

Consumer Sustainability Pull – your options for a pro-active approach for food packaging

Recording of live webinar from 8 June 2021
Consumers are becoming increasingly focused on sustainability and rewarding those brands who take tangible steps forward. Learn how sustainable food packaging solutions can drive consumer choices.

Advancing mechanical recycling in rigid packaging with Borcycle™ M

Recording of live webinar from 15 Sept. 2021
This webinar helps packaging specialists who target to incorporate PCR content in demanding non-food rigid packaging applications. Learn from industry experts how to overcome challenges in mechanical recycling.

Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances and take action against climate change

Recording of live webinar from 30 Sept. 2021
Reach your sustainability goals in Appliances and learn how you can ensure the circularity of plastics through advanced mechanical recycling, chemical recycling and renewable feedstock.

Meet your sustainability goals for flexible packaging with high quality mechanical recyclates

Recording of live webinar from 6 October 2021
Using high-quality mechanically recycled PE derived exclusively from post-consumer waste marks the start of a new chapter in high-end flexible packaging, helping accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy.

Design for Recycling: High performing polypropylene flexible packaging

Recording of live webinar from 13 October 2021
Due to its excellent performance polypropylene is the preferred material for sensitive food packaging applications. To preserve the value of the material and allow high quality recycling of PP flexible packaging, a re-design of many existing solutions is necessary.

Achieving full PE packaging circularity while maintaining functionality and shelf appeal

Recording of live webinar from 28 October 2021
Find out how a close collaboration across the value chain can deliver innovative, efficient and eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions and how machine-direction orientation (MDO) PE based barrier laminates can help you contribute to a circular economy.

Borealis EverMinds™

Launched in 2018, EverMinds™ is an umbrella brand uniting the wide range of Borealis activities and initiatives aimed at making plastics more circular. As a dedicated platform, EverMinds promotes a circular mind-set among all Borealis stakeholders. The platform encompasses proprietary Borealis technologies as well as established brands such as Purpolen™ and Dipolen™. It facilitates deeper collaboration between Borealis and its partners in order to develop innovative and sustainable polyolefins solutions based on the circular model of recycling, re-use and design for circularity. EverMinds also extends to pioneering corporate programmes such as Project STOP, and engagement in industry initiatives like the the Polyolefins Circular Economy Platform (PCEP), and our project “Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging”.