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Polymers for Medical Technology Equipment

A complete material set for your medical technology equipment

Overview of materials

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Respiratory devices

Advanced polyolefins for medical equipment

The production of medical and diagnostic devices requires reliable and safe materials, profound technical expertise, and complex production processes in order to ensure high performance and compliance with stringent regulatory guidelines.

Our Bormed™ range of regulated polymers for the healthcare industry helps you to select the most suitable materials. Spanning the gamut from very stiff to very soft, our polypropylene and polyethylene materials, as well as plastomers, exhibit desirable product characteristics such as chemical and detergent resistance, very good stiffness and impact balance, low stress cracking, and pleasing aesthetics.

Expert advice in scaling up your healthcare applications

At Borealis, we are eager to assist our customers in optimizing design, maximizing resource efficiency, and ensuring the mechanical performance of individual parts.

Our modelling and simulation analyses can support our customers’ upscaling efforts. We also offer a comprehensive service package, including rigorous change management procedures, locked-in recipes, and external pharmacopoeia testing.

“Borealis is a strong and reliable partner providing consistent product quality and security of supply even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to their local presence we have a direct line of communication. We trust Borealis.”

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