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Encapsulant film technology to lower lamination costs and increase power output for your solar modules


Drive your business value

Lower your cost per module with Quentys™.

Reduce your delivery time significantly.

Generate more output and cash flow without additional asset investment.


Peace of mind

Rely on a thoroughly tested product certified in Europe and Asia, supplied locally.

Reduce your risk by partnering with a stable supplier which has a proven track record in the energy sector for more than 45 years. 


Your future technology

Allow tomorrow’s cell technology a wide processing window with the help of the Quentys™ family of innovative polymer materials.

Increase your initial, as well as long term power output with Quentys™.

Get over € 5 million increase in turn-over

Quentys encapsulant can reduce the cycle time of lamination by up to 50%, which is often the rate limiting step in a module factory. In this example, the lamination time was reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Assuming 7920 working hours per year and a turnover of 80 EUR/module, the extra capacity corresponds to over €5 million in additional turnover.

Contact us for a detailed calculation for your specific case, including the extra profit.

Quentys™ BPO8828S

Transparent encapsulant film

Quentys™ BPO8828F

Transparent encapsulant film with extended shelf life for use with PID resistant cells

Quentys™ BPO8828UV

Transparent encapsulant film with high UV cut-off

Quentys™ BPO8828WH

White film, able to increase power output when used as back encapsulant

Learn how our Quentys thermoplastic polyolefin solutions compare to the traditional EVA encapsulants:

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